Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Reluctant Web Master

"I will never design another Web site," I told my friend, Felicia, after I struggled though creating mine for Words To Live By and hers for Amazing Journey. Let me say at the outset that neither of these sites is going to win awards for originality or razzle-dazzle. That is OK with me. was intended to introduce my new book and make it possible for people to buy it. Like most basic sites, it includes the book cover, the author's photo and bio, a description of the book, testimonials, and order and contact information. To those I added links to to my main Web site, blogs, a media center, and other books I've written. Felicia's turned out to have even more pages than mine.

"I am not a Web designer," I insisted when my friend Marti asked me to create her site. She was crestfallen; I gave in. She didn't want anything elaborate, she said, which was a great relief since "elaborate" is not in my limited range of abilities. The result was

What had not occurred to me was that designing these sites was the easy part of the process. Once they are created, they must be set up with a Web host and uploaded to a remote server. This involved a dozen phone calls, numerous user IDs and passwords, and navigating through a maze of directories and mysterious folders.

I confess that, while I am up to my eyelashes in computer technology, none of it comes naturally or easily to me. That I succeed in any my endeavors is something of a miracle; but with the help of Verio's amazing techs, my personal Web and Mac gurus, and just sheer tenacity on my part, somehow things come together.

I don't know exactly how I came to be the "Web master" for four Web sites, but in the wacky world of creative entrepreneurialism, that has become my newest set of responsibilities.