Monday, June 14, 2010

Ready-made Marketing Plan

Assuming you have been following these blog posts since November 2009, you have now been through all six steps in How to Write a Nonfiction Book: From Concept to Completion in 6 Months. A recent post contained a detailed promotional plan with three strategies and a long list of tactics to achieve them. Before I leave this topic, I want to explain how I developed my plan.

I began with three statements.
  1. My book is about reflections on the writing life from a 40-year veteran.
  2. My ideal reader is anyone who works (or wants to work) with words in his or her life and career.
  3. My book's purpose is to motivate my ideal reader to take his or her career to the next level despite inevitable obstacles and setbacks.
The three strategies to achieve my book's purpose and reach my ideal reader are ...
  1. to increase visibility and credibility on-line
  2. to increase visibility and credibility off-line
  3. to drive traffic to

In the Promotion section of How to Write a Nonfiction Book are many suggestions for letting potential readers know about your book. The question I asked myself was this: Would those suggestions work with my strategies? The answer is YES.

Here's what I did: I copied and pasted the whole section into a new document, cut out all the superfluous words, and created a long list of brief, bulleted statements. Then I put each bulleted statement under one of my strategies. I admit the plan is long, and I may never get to everything. On the other hand, it is thorough and organized. While I can't guarantee that every tactic will work with your strategies, I think most of them will fit somewhere.

This approach will give you a good start on your promotional plan, and you can always cull the list if it is too long. If you haven't read the new expanded, redesigned edition of How to Write a Nonfiction Book, you might want to check it out.


Lynnda - Passionate for the Glory of God said...

Hi, Bobbi;
Please email me at lynndaell[at]live[dot]com if you are interested in displaying your new book in The Emerging Writer Reading Room. This is a new site to promote nonfiction books. (I'm responding to the situation where most sites limit themselves to fiction. Yes, I'm grumpy about it.)

Be blessed,

Lynnda Ell

Bobbi Linkemer said...

Hey, Lynnda,
I just checked this comment and was so glad I found it. I filled out my template and was ready to upload it when I lost my whole e-mail program. Can you tell me again how to e-mail it and my book cover to you? Thanks so much. Glad you're grumpy about it, BTW. I only write nonfiction. Bobbi