Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Friends of Bobbi Bookshelf

I have a shelf in my bookcase for books written by friends, with a special section for those I played a role in bringing to fruition. In some cases, I was a book coach; in others, an editor; and in a few, a ghostwriter. The number of books on my shelf is growing, which thrills me. When there were only a few, I would pack them all up and take them to my classes to use as examples of everything from great design to self-publishing disasters. These days I have to spend a lot of time choosing the perfect books from my growing stash.

I am so proud of the authors who took their wonderful books from concept to completion and would like to introduce some of them to you.

Kim Wolterman (pictured above at her book launch) is the author of Who’s Been Sleeping in My Bed(room)? Researching a St. Louis County Missouri Home*, which is hot off the press. This book is a step-by-step guide to removing the frustration and putting the fun into researching the history of any home. An indefatigable researcher, house historian, and multi-talented quilter and artist, Kim is also an expert author on house history research.

Dressing Nifty After Fifty: The Definitive Guide to a Simple, Stylish Wardrobe* is the brainchild of Corinne Richardson, a retired attorney who writes extensively, consults with clients, and hosts workshops on the many ways to simplify and organize one’s life and possessions. Dressing Nifty After Fifty shows women how to create the ideal, quintessential wardrobe that works 24-7.

From Red Star To Spangled Banner: My Journey to Become a True American* by Dale Attila Fogarasi is a 30-year odyssey that takes the author of this moving memoir from Communist-ruled Hungary to Mark Twain’s America. Retired after a 50-year career at Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri, Dale’s intensely personal saga chronicles his life between the ages of 17 and 47, when he became a citizen of his adopted country.

* Just a coincidence or uniformly good taste? Whatever the reason, these three books were all designed by book designer extraordinaire, Peggy Nehmen.

Pamela J. Vaccaro, MA, CSP, is a professional speaker, former history teacher, and nationally recognized resource on managing time and attention. Beyond The Ice Cream Cone: The Whole Scoop on Food at the 1904 World’s Fair combines Pam's love of food history with culinary memorabilia and showcases her talent as a researcher and writer.

It’s Your Life, Choose Well: Thoughts on living a happier, healthier, saner life now—not someday, by Kathleen Keller Passanisi, is a collection of gentle, mental nudges designed to help readers make simple, pleasurable choices that can improve their physical, mental, emotional, social, vocational, and spiritual health. Kathy is a seasoned health care professional, an internationally recognized speaker and humorist, and a lifetime achievement award winner in therapeutic humor.

There are more books in the works by my friends and favorite writers. As soon as the ink is dry, there will be a follow up to this blog post.


Kim said...

Thanks for putting us on a shelf - ha,ha. Speaking for myself, my book wouldn't be here today without your tutelage and support. Hope to see a few more of my classmates on the shelf with me!